Eating out on a Budget in Dublin: Burritos, or Burritos?

Tourists travelling to Dublin to indulge in Irish food and booze may be surprised to see that we’re going mad for burritos. It’s no coincidence that this Mexican craze has coincided with the recession. Burritos provide cheap, fast rocket fuel for the masses. At around seven yo-yos a pop we can enjoy a trip into the city for dinner with pals, without breaking the bank. It’s casual dining at its best.

For those not already acquainted with this hearty take on fast-food, burritos are really very simple. It’s basically a large tortilla wrap, stuffed with your choice of meat, beans, rice, veg, salsa, sour cream and cheese. Nom nom! Do be prepared to dither over the Subway-style options.

The best burritos are made with fresh, wholesome ingredients. You can cut down on the guilt by cutting down on the carbs, just opt out of the rice or have your burrito mix ‘in a bowl’ — as opposed to the wrap. No one is forcing you to get the cheese and sour cream, either. It’s just so damned hard to resist…

Having enjoyed this fad a little too much, I have become a self-proclaimed connoisseur of burritos and can confidently point you in the direction of the best burritos in Dublin:

.Dublin Dining on a budget: Burritos


This is by far the best burrito restaurant in Dublin city centre. At Boojums they’re not afraid to spice up your burrito with your choice of heat — or have the chat while you hungrily wait. The choice of beef, pork and chicken are equally tasty and have clearly been marinating for long enough to produce succulent and flavoursome meat — once you’ve been around the burrito block, you will understand how mediocre meat and a lack of spice can ruin a good burrito.

Eating out is never really just about the food and it’s always disappointing when the quality of the food and the presentation of the restaurant don’t match up. Boojums is the only burrito restaurant in Dublin that successfully merges its funky, grounded vibe with its service and its food. What’s more you can crack into a bottle of Desperados for only a couple of quid. This is the place to go for unpretentious dining and quality burritos.

Boojams – Millennium Walkway

Burritos & Blues, Wexford Street

This is a little smaller than Boojams and the funky vibe is more contemporary. There are a couple of tables outside if you want to chance the Irish weather — or you can even take your burritos to the nearby St Stephen’s Green for a Mexican picnic. I went for the pork burrito and some veg with a hint of coriander, which was a nice touch. However, my boyfriend (Billy the King of Burritos) wasn’t so impressed with his beef burrito because it seems Boojams has ruined him. Nevertheless, we have eaten there twice, due to its handy location on Wexford Street. Note: if you do take your burritos to the park, bring plenty of napkins!

Burritos & Blues – Wexford Street and South Anne Street

Pablo Picante

Pablo Picante’s Temple Bar location is handy for anyone in the city centre, plus its tiled Californian emphasis seems pretty authentic. In my opinion the burritos lacked in taste and freshness, but of course we still devoured them like there was no tomorrow. On my second visit I went for a Quesadilla instead — having spent a week in Cancun living on Quesadillas, I can tell you Pablo Picante’s were better. The great thing about Quesadillas is that they are less filling as they come without the rice and beans. The downside is they tend to be smothered in cheese, so they’re wonderfully bad for you.

Pablo Picante – Fleet Street, Baggot Street and Clarendon Market


This is one restaurant that is worth dipping into thanks to the swanky, artsy take on Mexican culture. With an enormous Mexican mural covering the wall to the left and a kitschy silver ceiling, Tuzo pimps out the burrito fad to fit in with the more classy establishments on Dawson Street. However, there is no denying the simple origins of the Californian burrito bars and for this reason visitors may be a little disappointed: a burrito is, after all, just a burrito. In my opinion, the burritos here were pretty tasteless and I found myself lashing on the chipotle sauce to give it a kick. There was a good selection of hot sauces for diners to dabble with and a jug of lime infused water for those who go too far.

Tuzo – Dawson Street


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