Matcha Tea Time!


Matcha is tea’s colourful answer to the espresso shot. The lime green, highly concentrated, powdered green tea leaves have been used for almost a thousand years as part of Japan’s  tea ceremony. From one island nation to another, the health benefits of matcha tea are finally soaking in here in the UK.

Skeptical coffee lovers, listen up: matcha tea focuses and energises thanks to its naturally occurring caffeine. It’s no wonder  matcha tea is the monks’ choice to help them stay awake and alert during long days of meditation.

So where does all of matcha tea’s goodness come from? Initially, it’s from its concentrated form and the way it’s grown. Importantly, all that brilliant green powder is whisked into a smooth tea, which means none of its nutrients are wasted. It’s literally a shot of pure leaf – naturally occurring amino acids and all!

All we need to get our daily fix is a bowl, a double espresso cup, half-a-teaspoon of matcha tea and preferably a whisk for the ultimate texture. Of course, coffee lovers are fairly creative with their consumption of the brown stuff – I’m partial to an espresso martini, others may go straight for the coffee cake. Well, we can use our matcha tea in much the same way – matcha martini anyone?

Whether or not the monks would approve, you can enjoy matcha tea in your ice cream, tiramasu, cookies or a healthy smoothie. It has the culinary flexibility of flax seeds and similar super-food quality. You’ll no doubt stumble upon matcha tea in trendy cafes and health food shops – be sure to give that luminous goodness a go.


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