It is the fire behind the screen
that defines my
form –
like a shadow puppet
gliding through the motions of a familiar

My role changes
as life’s stages shift – fallout, integrate,
recreate –
that’s when the puppet transcends its

swirling like mist from a dawn lit lake – cascading
like the spray from thundering
falls— free flowing like the bulbous drops
in a tropical storm,
my course is

So layer me up,
snip me away,
or colour me with your
translucent film –
a little adaptation for the next act?
Make no mistake:
only the fire will
bring me back.

Amber, flickering, burning
light –  a medley of passions,
human intricacies traversed in the white.
Predictable like an eclipse –
spontaneous like the sun–
it hugs
my outlines.
That silhouette, it is


*Image courtesy of Gustavo Thomas









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