It is your duty to fill those high heels
with femininity and zeal –
the rouge of your sex,
the desire to be vulnerable
and ultimately vexed.

You are obliged to compete in the rat race
to refine, define and keep a pace –
streamline and flex for success,
wind yourself up and then
revel in the illusion of progress.

It is only correct, to project happiness
even at the risk of cockiness –
mental health might be trending,
but ‘Debbie downers’ don’t impress
so keep it private, all your mending.

It is right to fill the imagined void
and assert your value with a pretty boy –
you won’t be lost if you’re a pair,
but your world may shrink
when slotting between the squares.

You should really pay attention
to those thoughts devising tension –
accept the starting shot misfired,
don’t run that relay
to find your energy’s expired.

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