All About Alice



Hello 🙂

I’m a London-based  writer with a butterfly mind that will  land on most things at least once – and I won’t be afraid to write about its discoveries.

Though my story began in London, its plot line curves over the Atlantic to America, before hovering over Ireland and then skipping on to South East Asia. It’s come full circle. I’m back in the big smoke with fresh eyes and a full heart.

Working for a global PR firm on the technology team, I have finally found my subject. Writing about the latest innovations from major tech brands, bringing sci-fi fantasies to life and considering important questions around the social implications for tomorrow’s world is exciting. But before we start pondering cyborgs…

My loves include discovering cultures, experiences and people. My interests  cover everything from the environment, to gender bending topics, race, social inclusion, the arts,  lifestyle and current affairs.

I find power in words. My goal is to transmit that power to readers.

Please check out the latest on my Personal Blog and AWOLWITHALICE. Let’s see if it works.





2 thoughts on “All About Alice

  1. Thank you you comments on Irsh women was spot on I am from NYC a Fire fighters daught and My Moms Mom came here about 1919 as a Table service Maid from County MAYO.I have never figured out why March I not amerucan Irsh History Momth?


    1. You know, it kind of feels like March IS an unofficial Irish history month over here! But yes, considering the massive contribution to US history it would be a great idea to generate more awareness of this – and pay due respects! Mayo is a lovely county, one of my favourites. Here’s a road trip you could try if you ever find yourself over there:



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