It is the fire behind the screen that defines my form – like a shadow puppet gliding through the motions of a familiar play. My role changes as life’s stages shift – fallout, integrate, recreate – that’s when the puppet transcends its linear cut out. Briefly, swirling like mist from a dawn lit lake – … More Formation

Behold, the Cock

Fiery cloaks and crimson masks, they cluck, in and out – striding with claws at half-mast. It won’t be long, ‘til you find the one, he’ll be the first to crow: Cock-a-doodle-do! In and out, they mingle, heads rising above the flock, wings fluttering – No I am the cock! But until those first licks … More Behold, the Cock

London Moments: O, Valiant Knight of Bethnal Green!

The October night bites. The darkness is set to swallow me whole – and I don’t resist. Bundled up beneath my impossibly thick winter scarf, the shadows offer sanctuary as I slope away from strip lighting and square screens. It’s been a long day, but I’m satisfied. My feet take me towards Farringdon train station, and … More London Moments: O, Valiant Knight of Bethnal Green!

The Sisterhood: Beating Domestic Violence

Is there a more valuable network than the web of soul-sisters that at once roots us within our worlds and protects us from it? Let’s go beyond the finger-clicking, head-shaking  stereotypes. I’m talking about the ordinary women, the ones who quietly strengthen us. In a world where one in three women will experience some form of … More The Sisterhood: Beating Domestic Violence

Travelling as a couple? Let’s keep it real…

When planning the ‘trip of a lifetime’ with a lover, you can be forgiven for skipping ahead to the wonderful memories you’ll stock-up on –  the ones that will surely strengthen the foundations of your relationship and one day be used to convince your brood that you weren’t always boring old dry-shites. Right? Well, yeah, … More Travelling as a couple? Let’s keep it real…