Leaning into the wind

I scowled impatiently as Andy Goldsworthy slowly, painfully moved through the brittle tree tops. His determination was impressive, his connection to nature intriguing and the crackling of bark satisfying — but I still hadn’t clicked. Where was the art in this pondering exploration of woodland compositions? It might seem like an odd film choice for … More Leaning into the wind


The golden light seems to curve around her supple limbs as she dips her stomach and flexes her head back up to the fading sky. Waves gurgle in the distance, like gentle white noise against the haze of children’s chatter. Gulls call out as she pushes her back upwards, arched easily like a cat, with … More Waves

Boomerang Kids: ‘adulting’ in London’s housing crisis

We’re the ‘boomerang kids’. The sticky little tykes that our parent’s generation can’t quite shake. We yearn for independence, but cringe at the cost. To pay extortionate rent and sacrifice life’s little luxuries, or navigate our way through evolving relationships with our aging homies? To ‘boomerang’ sounds quite fun, really. Those able to make that … More Boomerang Kids: ‘adulting’ in London’s housing crisis

Book Review: ‘The House at the Edge of the World’, by Julia Rochester

Like a tide, slowly inching back to reveal its quirky, thinly concealed treasures, ‘The House at the Edge of the World’ tantalises readers with the inner-workings of a dysfunctional family, exposed by one fateful night and laced with historical and mythical narratives. Despite its slow start, thanks to our unlikely protagonist, the detached Morwenna Venton, … More Book Review: ‘The House at the Edge of the World’, by Julia Rochester

Matcha Tea Time!

Matcha is tea’s colourful answer to the espresso shot. The lime green, highly concentrated, powdered green tea leaves have been used for almost a thousand years as part of Japan’s  tea ceremony. From one island nation to another, the health benefits of matcha tea are finally soaking in here in the UK. Skeptical coffee lovers, listen … More Matcha Tea Time!

Scrap the ‘January blues’

January is a torturous month of tedious whining and self-righteous proclamations of party-pooper intentions. The sound of non-alcoholics clambering on to that foreboding wagon — while lazy chubby-chubs pretend to join the gym and their friends fight an imaginary battle against fags and carbs — is the equivalent to a hefty splattering of conversational Agent Orange. … More Scrap the ‘January blues’

Eating out on a Budget in Dublin: Burritos, or Burritos?

Tourists travelling to Dublin to indulge in Irish food and booze may be surprised to see that we’re going mad for burritos. It’s no coincidence that this Mexican craze has coincided with the recession. Burritos provide cheap, fast rocket fuel for the masses. At around seven yo-yos a pop we can enjoy a trip into the city for dinner with pals, without breaking the … More Eating out on a Budget in Dublin: Burritos, or Burritos?