Fishing, for what?

The warm grip of the Spanish heat loosens with each whistle of the wind, releasing me from its luxurious caress momentarily – bringing me back to my surroundings as though a valium induced haze had lifted. I push back onto my arms, let my hair tickle my back and kick out my legs. The fishermen … More Fishing, for what?


The sun filters through the rainbow umbrella – sifting the stifling heat with a full spectrum of colour. The flat-water laps lazily at our boat as we wait. The air is still. Eyes are fixed on the horizon. Beyond the corridor of bleached reeds and mangroves are dry looking trees. Far away, just beyond our … More Reversible

To Capri

It skips, like a blip in time, bouncing upon the sea, The wind purrs and paws at your hair; Finally, your thoughts are running free. The golden haze on the rosy crests,  swell – and fall – Running away as though there’d never been a connect. A play-boy’s ghost ship, slicing through the Gulf of … More To Capri

Travelling as a couple? Let’s keep it real…

When planning the ‘trip of a lifetime’ with a lover, you can be forgiven for skipping ahead to the wonderful memories you’ll stock-up on –  the ones that will surely strengthen the foundations of your relationship and one day be used to convince your brood that you weren’t always boring old dry-shites. Right? Well, yeah, … More Travelling as a couple? Let’s keep it real…

Streetwise in Bangkok

Everyone warned me about the chaos in Bangkok, but it’s hard to grasp until you’re surrounded by buzzing mopeds, tuk-tuks and taxis, whilst trying to negotiate a path to the other side of the road. The oppressive heat and inevitable hangover following our first night out in Bangkok didn’t help the initial stress. How did the chicken cross the … More Streetwise in Bangkok